Quality Dry Cleaning

With over 45 years of dry-cleaning experience, Regency knows how to take the time and extra care needed to assure that you receive the highest quality in dry cleaning.

Executive Shirt Laundry

With our years of experience, Regency has perfected the cleaning, pressing and packaging of shirts, so you receive them clean, crisp, and wrinkle free. Once you’ve experienced a Regency shirt – you’ll keep coming back!

Same Day Service (Select Locations Only)

In by 9 am – Out by 6 pm, Monday – Friday.  Drop off on your way to work, pick up on your way home!  Select Locations Only.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

Regency Cares. Regency is proud to only use detergents that are environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment, your clothes, or YOU.  Our detergents are gentler and leave a fresh scent on your garments. At Regency, you will experience the ultimate in odor-free cleaning with the security to know that your children’s future is safe.

FREE Home Delivery

Better yet, let Regency deliver to your door twice a week for FREE.  

Detailed Pressing

At Regency, it’s in the details. Experience a perfectly pressed garment, hand finished by one of our experienced pressers. You’ll see and feel the difference.

Household Items

Regency’s household services enables you to clean bedding, fine linens, pillow treatments, window coverings and other household items to perfection and odor free! Regency’s environmentally – friendly detergents are gentler on your household items, cleaning thoroughly and removing all the odor.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Regency’s wedding gown specialists will clean and preserve your wedding gown to keep this treasured possession in perfect condition for your heirs. Regency uses acid free tissue and packaging throughout the preservation process to protect the garment from aging. Regency’s cleaning process is more delicate helping to maintain the luster and sheen of your cherished gown.

Leather and Suede

Regency treats your fine leather and suede garments to the ultimate cleaning experience. It takes three weeks, but it is worth the wait.

Expert Stain Removal

As in most things, experience counts! Regency’s garment care spotters have seen it all and they know how to remove it! You can also give them a head’s up on your special stains to ensure the best quality result. Just let a Regency customer care specialist know and we’ll take care of the rest.

Professional Alterations & Tailoring

Regency’s tailors realize that image is everything. As such, we will ensure that you always look the part. From a simple hem to complete tailoring services, Regency is here for you. Regency repairs minor rips or tears and replaces buttons free of charge.